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Av. San Juan entre Balcarce y Defensa
Plaza Dorrego, where the San Telmo Fair operates every Sunday, is one of the most popular walks by Buenos Aires residents and tourists. At the same time, a large number of coupons for antiques that give them an air of sophisticated polish. Located in the plenary neighborhood of San Telmo, many of the 19th century mansions around it have been recycled and transformed into cafes, antique shops (especially on Defense Street) or upscale restaurants. The bars in the area put tables on the street and one of the places with the most street artists in the City. The plaza is considered a Historic Place, since there the Independence was announced in 1816 to the people of Buenos Aires, which had been declared months before in the city of Tucumán.
In 1970, the architect José María Peña, then director of the City Museum, thought of a fair that could revitalize San Telmo. He convinced thirty neighbors to sell "old things" that took place in their homes and a year after the fair it was a success, with more than 200 antiquarian stalls. Years later, the Defensa Street district is one of the most prestigious antiquarian centers in America.

Plaza Dorrego

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