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Av. Rivadavia 1573 entre Paraná y Montevideo


The legislature voted to build a new headquarters and in 1895 the Victor Meano project was approved. It was inaugurated in 1906 and finished in 1946, but during those years the laws of the Argentines were already being voted there.

Opposite is the “Plaza de los Dos Congresos”, well known for the Monument that is in the center. It recalls the "Assembly of the year 13" and the Congress of 1816, as two historical moments of national origin are known: in one the freedom of bellies was decreed, the coat of arms, the flag and the National Anthem were established and abolished the titles of nobility. Three years later, in Tucumán, Independence was declared. The woman who is standing on a snake represents the Republic. The monument was inaugurated in 1914.

Plaza del Congreso

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