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Av. Sarmiento entre Av. Figueroa Alcorta y Av. Libertador

The Planetarium is the main astronomy dissemination center in the city. It has a hemispherical projection room with three hundred and sixty reclining seats and a dome twenty meters in diameter where about 8,900 stars, planets and satellites of the universe are reproduced, thanks to an imposing team (unique in Latin America) that contains six Sky-projectors. Skan with 8K resolution, indicating that the dome contains 38 million pixels.

Its five-story building also has a museum and a small secondary projection room, in addition to housing a collection of meteorites from northern Argentina. In the adjacent lake is the sculpture Surprised, by the Italian Nicolás A. Ferrari and, a few meters away, a monolith evocative of the Polish sage Nicolás Copérnico.


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