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Florida 1065 entre Corina Kavanagh y Dr. Ricardo Rojas

It is one of the oldest squares in the city, scene of important historical events. In 1807, during the second English invasion, a combat was fought in this place that resulted in a Creole victory. And in 1812, General San Martín installed the barracks of the Grenadier Regiment on Horseback here, hence when the centenary of his birth in 1878 was given the name of Plaza San Martín. The current layout of the plaza is the result of different projects carried out by the Municipality of Buenos Aires. The French landscaper Carlos Thays, responsible for many of the main green spaces in the city and Director of Parks and Walks since 1891, made significant contributions and incorporated new species into its vegetation. In addition to its varied autochthonous and foreign specimens, the Plaza San Martín presents important monuments and sculptural works. In 1942 it was declared a Historic Site.

Plaza San Martín

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