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Recoleta took its name from the Recoletos Descalzos Convent, built in a farm called “Los ombúes”, which was received by the neighbouring founder and first mayor. Rodrigo Ortiz de Zarate, in the distribution of land made by Juan de Garay in 1583.

Due to the yellow fever epidemic in 1871, the families that inhabited the southern area had to migrate north where they built very refined French-style mansions that changed the architectural landscape of the neighbourhood and made it known through the name La Petit Paris from Buenos Aires.

One of the most prominent sites in the neighbourhood and in the city is the Cemetery, bordering the historic Basilica del Pilar, where the remains of countless figures from Argentine history, such as Eva Duarte de Perón, rest.

Within its limits are large cultural spaces and historical monuments such as the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National Library, the Recoleta Cultural Center, the Floralis Generica and many parks in the city.

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