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Montserrat was formally born not long ago, in 1972.However, it must be one of the names that have lasted the longest, along with Recoleta and Retiro. These three areas of the City were mentioned in that way, even in the viceregal period.

This neighborhood was proud to be the scene of the founding of the Trinity, current Buenos Aires,on June 11, 1580, when Juan de Garay and a few dozen residents arrived from Asunción and Santa Fe. That act in which Garay faced the Roll of Justice (the trunk of a tree) and surrounded by newcomers, announced the final installation, took place in the Plaza de Mayo. Therefore, the life of the neighborhood began at the very first beginning of the birth of the City.

This neighborhood houses the most important square in Argentina, La Plaza de Mayo. Formerly they were two squares joined (or divided) by a recess that was collapsed by the first mayor of the porteños, Torcuato de Alvear. One plaza was next to the fort, the other, next to the Cabildo. In May 1883, Don Torcuato burst into the plaza with 100 men who, without compassion, demolished the mass that marked the limit of the two plazas built 80 years ago, in 1803. The task was accomplished in little more than two days.

The different buildingsof various styles that we can find in Montserrat gave the neighborhood a particular attraction. Nowadays, it represents a tourist tour that cannot be postponed for visitors who visit the City.

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